• The Advantages of Classic Wooden Toys
    Classic Toys

    The Advantages of Classic Wooden Toys

    Classic wooden toys may bring on feelings of nostalgia, but they have so many more advantages than that.  These traditional toys can help your child to use their imagination and help inspire more creativity in play.  Branded toys that are based on the latest movie or cartoon character only emulate that character they don’t really inspire your child to create a world of their own.  Let’s look at the advantages of classic wooden toys and why they should be a part of your child’s play.  Here is a look at how they can help.

    Develops Skills

    If your child has a toy box filled with traditional toys it helps them to develop not just their imaginations but it also encourages critical thinking skills.  They also get to improve their fine motor skills and they also learn problem solving skills.  There have been studies done that show that wooden toys help keep kids relaxed and quiet while still having fun playing.  On the other hand, louder and busier toys that are meant to create play scenarios that emulate war or emergencies made kids more hyper and stressed.


    The benefits of wooden toys aren’t just about inspiring the imagination they are also safer than most other toys.  Wooden don’t typically have small parts like their plastic counterparts so there is less risk of choking.  Wooden toys are often far more durable so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.  Toddlers are prone to putting toys in their mouth and wooden toys are far less toxic than plastic.  Wooden toys don’t have motors, don’t need batteries, no electricity is required and they aren’t going to leak fluids everywhere and the manufacturing process is quicker and easier.  All of that makes them better for the environment than plastic toys.

    Even though wooden toys are typically safer than plastic you still need to exercise some caution when buying wooden toys.  Look for toys that are made with non-toxic lead free paint, you also want to make sure that  the wood has a smooth finish and that there will be no splinters.  Solid woods are pretty hard for your child to damage but they are still not as hard as metal or really hard plastics.  Wooden toys will weather bumps, drops and everything else your child can do and be just fine.

    Good well-built wooden toys can last for generations, that’s one of the biggest selling points.  In fact if you may have some of your old wooden toys still kicking around from when you were a child.

  • Most Influential Toys of All Time
    Influential Toys

    Most Influential Toys of All Time

    Christmas may still be a few months off, but every holiday season there is always that one toy that every child just needs to have. Parents have gotten into fistfights in the aisles trying to make sure their kids have that toy under the tree. Some toys have an impact that lasts throughout the years and on that note, here are some of the most influential toys of all time.

    1. Lego

    Everybody had Lego and that has turned Lego into the largest toy company in the world with annual revenues of more than $2 billion dollars. These tiny colorful blocks have spawned action figures, fan conferences, television shows and even a movie. Lego has been around since the 50’s and have inspired kids to create everything from a simple lego house to the Death Star from Star Wars. Every engineer you have ever known started out playing with Lego.

    2. Barbie

    Hands down the most popular toy ever sold for girls, while Barbie may not be as influential as she used to be there is still a Barbie doll sold every three second. There has been a Barbie that has represented every career imaginable and it was the first doll that allowed girls to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Barbie has embraced cultural diversity including making an African American doll in the 60’s long before any other toy company. Mattel, the parent company has tried to make the doll evolve with the times.

    3. GI Joe

    What Barbie is to girls, the GI Joe action figure has been to boys, first introduced in the middle of the cold war GI Joe paved the way for an entire section of toys. Action figures of all sorts are now common toys for both boys and girls and this is thanks to GI Joe. Despite the many action figures that followed none sold quite as well as this one.

    4. Rubik’s Cube

    Invented 40 years ago by university professor Erno Rubik this puzzle cube has sold more than 350 million units. It spawned annual tournaments that offers prizes to those that can solve it quickly. This was a staple in Christmas stockings and under trees throughout the 80’s.

    5. Star Wars Action Figures

    If you have ever wondered why every action movie now comes with its own set of toys then you can thank Star Wars for that. As part of the marketing campaign for the blockbuster film you could buy boxes that had coupons for collectible toys it created a whole new phenomenon. Not only are action figure toys sought after as toys they are also highly collectible.